Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Set .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday .. Aug. 5, 2015

Jessica had family visiting from Ohio. She took them to Laguna Beach for the afternoon. As they walked onto the beach near the volleyball courts, one ball rolled near Jessica. She picked it up throwing back to the volleyball players. That is when two of four platinum rings she wears on her left hand flew into the sand. They could not find them by sifting through the sand with their fingers. Asking the lifeguards for help, they suggested that Jessica google TheRingFinders.
That was how she got my number. I was available to come right away and was lucky enough to find a parking space within 100ft. of where they were waiting for me. That was the first miracle.
When they showed me the location I backed off to set up my detector. Right up next to the boardwalk were electrical conduits which created some electrical interference about two feet out. After a few minutes the beautiful solitaire platinum diamond ring was in the scoop. It took a little longer to sort out the weak tin foil sound of the platinum wedding band. The beach and boardwalk were full of people and it seemed like everybody took interest in this search. Cheers, hi-fives, thumbs-up, lots of congratulations and a very happy Jessica with her relatives. It was a pleasure to help her find these rings that mean so much to her.