Ring lost in car-Maurice, LA - Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Carrie and I had just found a ring for a client and were packing our detectors up when we received a call for another lost ring. The location was actually on our way home. We headed out and were at our search site within 15 minutes. Lindsey said she was in her car with her wedding set in the console. When she removed the rings, the engagement ring fell on the passenger side floor and the wedding band on the driver’s side. She found the engagement ring but not the other. She was “very” pregnant at the time and could not do a serious search. We told her that we could not use metal detectors but would be happy to search. Carrie and I made a visual search with flashlights and just felt around where we could not see. Lindsey went to get a mirror when Sid located it, by feel, in a low spot under the driver’s side. The low spot had a plastic vent to bring heated/cooled air to the back seat. Sid was only able to get his hand in the spot after he removed the vent. After giving Lindsey her ring, we put the car back together and headed out. Thank you Lindsey for your generous reward. This allows us to continue offering our finding services.