Incline Village , Tahoe ..Dog Park

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

Was called by Chao who had lost her wedding ring at the dog park last night. After searching for it she called me this morning. So I called my partner Mike L and we headed to Incline Village. We arrived at 12:30 and proceeded to search a very large area in the grassy dog park where she thought she might have lost her ring. After an hour of searching in grids we were about ready to leave, I got a low 1. 2. So as I moved my Equinox to the side to check the signal, I placed my detector down on the grass, right on top of the ring…it was too funny. I walked over to Chao and told her we were done…and then I said but before we leave I think I’ll give you this…I handed her the ring and she was so excited she jumped 2 ft in the air and yelled….she was very happy.

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  1. Chao says:

    It was our pleasure to call help from Sharon and Mike for finding the ring that my husband bought for me at Anacapri, Italy. After hours of search by us with a metal detector, and with helps from friends with their metal detector, and after some bottle caps found, we thought the chance to find it is low. We are talking about a soccer field size of thick grass area that’s regularly trafficked with dogs, irrigation, human.

    Then that night I found the website and called Shanon the second morning. They are professional help. Shanon and Mike drove from Reno to meet us. They showed up on time and after some briefing they started thorough searching. They also showed us the mistakes we are making and the limitation of our detectors. The small stick detector for final fine tune makes a critical difference too. Otherwise we would spend too much time sipping through grass of the final square foot too many times. They also should us their coarse detector has less False positive as it avoids deeply buried. They even skip some pennies as they can tell the difference. So right device and lots of experience made their finding stands out from ours. In fact where Shanon eventually found the ring was a place we have searched over…

    It was such a happy ending with their help. It reminds us that good old fashioned happiness exists in crazy post COVID year with all the so called new world order craziness. It is the old fashioned community touch that makes people grateful and happy. We want to thank Shanon and Mike for their help. And thank our friends who helped us the previous day, esp. Brian, Ron and Scott. Our dog enjoyed our longer stay at the dog park too 😄!

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