An Exercise Run in the Cold & Wet Leads to an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Lost in a Yucaipa Greenbelt, Than One Found!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

If you lost your ring or other valuable in the Inland Empire of Southern California, call or text me ASAP! Ron Wilton 951-415-6007!

The second atmospheric river was sweeping through Southern California, so I knew the rain and cold would bring issues. But I didn’t realize it would start with a call for help.  I received a call in the late afternoon of Tuesday, February 20th from Megan, a Kindergarten teacher, who was beside herself. She told me that she had gone out for a quick run by her house the day before and both her engagement ring and wedding band came off. She  knew the approximate area, as she said she felt them come off. But after searching the sidewalk and small grassy area, she failed to locate them.

She then went online and found me on The Ringfinders website. She recorded a video and sent it to me which showed the route she ran, which, thankfully, was short before she lost her rings, and indicated the area she felt it could be. The area was a greenbelt between homes with a sidewalk for walking/running, kids playground equipment, and small grassy areas for pets. I agreed to head over to the greenbelt and start searching for them on Wednesday afternoon as it showed the rain would not be so intense then. Megan was working, so any questions I had I would text her. I checked the edges of the sidewalk along her route but no luck. I then started a grid search of the small grassy area next to the kids playground. After about 10 minutes I found her engagement ring about ten feet off the sidewalk. I continued searching the area but was unable to locate her wedding band. As this is a high traffic area for the local residents walking their dogs , it’s possible the band was found earlier in the day.

I messaged her a picture of the engagement ring and asked “Does one of them look like this?” You could feel the excitement when I received a message back “That’s it! OMG you are my hero! I want to cry in front of all my kindergarteners!”

I met her at her school when it let out and completed the happy reunion. A huge smile and two big hugs…that’s what it is all about!


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  1. Megan Espinosa says:

    This is Megan the girl above and I can’t tell you enough how truly incredible Ron was. I honestly had zero expectations but not only did he find my ring he was kind, trustworthy and a wonderful soul. Forever my new friend Ron!

  2. Griff (TRF-France) says:

    Good job. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to locate the wedding band. You made her day. I hope to get more opportunities this year in France.

  3. ibjamn2 says:

    Great job Mr. Ron. 👏

  4. Victor says:

    Great job Mr. Ron

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