Engagement Ring Lost & Found in the Deep Depths of the Couch in Moreno Valley!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

If you lost your ring or other valuable in the Inland Empire of Southern California, call or text me ASAP! Ron Wilton 951-415-6007!
I received a call from Alexandra (“Alex”) who told me she had lost her engagement ring in the living room of her house. Alex said she was on her recliner couch with a blanket across her. She took off her rings and set them on the arm of the couch to put lotion on her hands. As she got up she noticed her wedding band on the floor, but was unable to find her single-diamond engagement ring. Alex and her husband did a thorough and lengthy search of the couch, the blanket, the floor, and the adjacent recliner couch, but to no avail. She then went online and found me on The Ringfinders website. We agreed on a time and I went to the house. Alex had to leave prior to my arrival, but her husband, Edwin, was there. He told me they had searched and searched for the ring but could not find it. He said, “I can’t believe it just disappeared”. I was a bit surprised to, as there were hard wood floors, just the two couches and a rack for their DVD’s in the living room. So I began searching the couch, eventually helping Edwin flip it over so I could check all the nooks and crannies underneath with my flashlight. After several minutes I was having no luck. I did the same to the other couch. I checked the floor, and Edwin moved out the DVD rack so I could check behind it. Nothing. I was getting frustrated and echoed Edwin’s “I can’t believe it just disappeared!” statement. I felt I had done a thorough search and I had a feeling it may have fallen back inside the couch which would entail removing the bottom fabric. But Alex had already done that. So before leaving frustrated, I began checking the couch again, pushing back the fabric next to the arm where Alex had been sitting. I was checking it with a strong flashlight and deep down I caught a small bright reflection. I had gotten reflections earlier from some of the fabric staples but this one seemed a little brighter. So I called Edwin over and said “What does that look like to you?” with the flashlight shining on it. “That’s it!” he yelled. But it was deep into the couch and was stuck between a fabric-covered piece of wood and the side. Getting it out would be a challenge. Edwin got a long-nosed pliers and tried getting the ring out. No luck. He then got a butter knife, no luck. He called his son as he has small hands. No luck. I took the butter knife and gave it a try. I tried to push the ring sideways and it suddenly popped onto the knife. I slowly slid it up and asked Edwin’s son if he could grab it before it fell back down, which he did. Edwin was extremely happy and said Alex had been crying very hard when they couldn’t find it. Edwin thanked me and I was on my way. I later received a text from Alex saying “My husband gave me the great news, thank you soooo much” and sent me this photo! Glad I could help.

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