Trimming branches lost its CHARM in Riverside, CA- but a happy reunion!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

I received a call from Patty M. on Monday stating she had lost a special charm off her necklace in her front yard. She said she was trimming the branches of a small tree and as she was about to cut another branch the handle got snagged on her necklace, breaking it, and the attached charm fell off. Patty had searched the area but because there were so many plants, dead leaves and loose dirt, could not locate it. Patty said her son had went to Jerusalem and brought this charm back for her and one for his sister. He told her these were the only ones they had, so losing it was heartbreaking.

We set a date for today to meet. She showed me the landscaped area just at the beginning of her driveway. I did a general search around the tree using my Garrett AT Pro. The shrubbery was tall and dense so I started using my pinpointer. I was having no luck. I went back to the detector and as I got to the area where she had started out, I got a signal in a bunch of dead leaves and loose dirt. I used my pinpointer and found it as I brushed aside some leaves. I stood up and started walking towards her. She asked if I had found it, and I handed it to her. I thought she was going to cry, and she said “Can I hug you?” . I said sure. I was very happy I could reunite them!