Falling Leaves and a Falling Ring in Corona, CA

  • from Corona (California, United States)

November 26, 2019
Ron Wilton, Corona, CA, USA

I received a message this morning from Cindy who needed my help. She said that her husband, Casey, had been raking all the Fall leaves in their backyard . Cindy said that when he took off his gloves his wedding band came off and fell to the ground. Although he searched for it, he was unable to locate it. Cindy believed it may have gotten raked up and put in the now full trash can.

I began searching the area with my Garrett AT Pro metal detector with no luck. I dumped out all  the leaves in the trash can and went through them with my pinpointer. No luck. They had a raised flower/vegetable bed nearby, so I began checking it with my pinpointer. Bam, a strong signal. As I moved some leaves there it was. Cindy was very happy and kept saying how her husband was going to be so happy I found it. She had mentioned to him getting a replacement band but he wouldn’t hear of it. Happy day, Happy Thanksgiving!



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