Snowy Family Outing in Running Springs Ends With Lost Wedding Ring

  • from Corona (California, United States)

On March 28th, 2019, I received an email from Luigi stating that approximately one month earlier he took his family to Running Springs, CA to play in the fresh snow. They had pulled off the highway into a turnout which had a slope behind it. Everyone began sliding down the hill. As Luigi was sliding down, he put his bare hands into the snow to slow down. He later realized he had lost his wedding ring. They looked for it but to no avail, so they left. After reviewing video at home he knew approximately where he had lost it.

Luigi purchased an inexpensive metal detector and went back up to search again but the snow had turned to hardpack and was too difficult to dig in. So he left and considered it lost for good. Weeks later he was talking to his brother-in-law in Florida who suggested checking The Ringfinders website which led him to me.

So the next day he and I drove up to Running Springs to the turnout where they played and he showed me the slope. The snow luckily had melted, leaving a lot of trash exposed on the ground.  Based on where the slope was I decided to move my truck closer before getting my detector out. Luigi, unbeknown to me, had climbed down the slope. He suddenly re-appeared with a smile from ear to ear saying he had found his ring. I couldn’t help but get that same smile as I  “high 5’d” him. So I was happy to drive him home and call it a day, since he was the ring finder. But Luigi made it quite clear to me on the ride home that it was because of me that he found it. He stated he would never have gone back up there if it were not for the confidence I displayed. He knew I would have found it, but decided to look first. So a great day for both of us!

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  1. Luigi D says:

    I lost my wedding band on a snow day with my family in Running Springs. I went downhill with a sled and when I stood up the ring was off my finger. I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it. I went back with a cheap metal detector and all I found was pieces of chain and other ferrous metals. The metal detector wasn’t sensitive enough and the snow definitely didn’t help.

    Almost a month went by and my brother-in-law suggested I find someone on The Ringfinders. My wife looked on the website and it said Ron was in my area. As it turns out he lives so close to me it was probably easier to walk to his house than drive. Ron answered my email immediately and the next day we loaded up in his truck and we drove to Running Springs. The car ride was enjoyable. Ron is very easy to talk to. When we got there I was showing Ron the area I thought it would be. As Ron was re-parking his truck to unload I walked down and looked around. After picking up a couple pieces of garbage I saw something that looked too round to be a piece of chain. It was my ring!! I ran up the side of the hill and I told Ron I had found it. He was thrilled. I told him all I needed was some of his good luck!! I was very happy I called Ron. Without the confidence of a professional metal detector operator I would have never gone back up to look for my ring and I would have never found it. Ron has a new friend for life!!

    -Luigi D.

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