Lost Engagement Ring Lake Elsinore...Found!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

September 4, 2018
Ron Wilton, Corona, CA, USA

I received my very first call this morning as a new member of The Ring Finders. Needless to say, I was excited and nervous! I so wanted to be able to find that first ring!

Salvador told me that his wife, Celeste, was playing with their dog in the front yard last night and when she threw the ball, both of her rings (wedding band and diamond engagement ring) flew off her hand. Celeste said the rings were re-sized when she was pregnant, but since having the baby her fingers have shrunk back down, but they hadn’t had a chance to get them re-sized again. Due to construction in the backyard, the front yard had a lot of dirt stored. They found the wedding band right away, but not the diamond engagement ring. Salvador said he went out and bought a cheap metal detector and tried locating them, but was only finding bottle caps and junk metal. So he looked up The Ring Finders and found me near by.

Using my AT Pro, I began searching the area where the band was found. The yard was giving off a ton of mixed signals, but all were deep. Salvador had hand-sifted the dirt in the area trying to find the ring and had made several small piles. I was getting multiple tones as I passed over the main pile, so I reduced the sensitivity and started spreading out the dirt. Seconds later I picked up a tone and as I used my pinpointer, found the diamond engagement ring just under the surface. My first words were spoken quite loudly…“There it is!”  Man, was I excited!

Salvador took the ring and thanked me over and over and took it in the house to Celeste. She immediately came out and gave me a big hug and also thanked me. My day was made.



2 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring Lake Elsinore…Found!”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Welcome to the club Ron. Great recovery and story.

  2. Ron Wilton says:

    Thanks Jim!

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