SCUBA Recovery: Phone Found & Returned by Rob Ellis, Occoquan River, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

I am an expert metal detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703) 598-1435


Found and returned a Samsung phone, May 23rd, 2023, Occoquan River, Occoquan VA.

It was a beautiful afternoon when I got an emergency call for another lost phone. Despite recommendations from the staff of Penguin Paddling, people continue to carry their phones unsecured in rented kayaks. I packed my SCUBA and metal detecting equipment and arrived about 40 minutes later.

Yesbell and her children were waiting for me on the dock. They described how the phone was lost while exiting the rented kayak. I was grateful no one had tried to search and stir up the algae which was thick this time of year. If they had, would have been greatly reduced and I would have had to use my metal detector.

Upon entering the water, I did a visual grid search and found the phone within a few minutes.

Client photo is withheld by request.

Rob Ellis: Metal Detector Expert… Call/text ASAP, (703)-598-1435

Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector before calling me. Just because someone has a tool, it doesn’t mean they know how to use it. I use state of the art equipment, and I have thousands of hours of experience searching on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please text/call to see if I can help.

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