Trip to Wintergreen VA

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

We took a mini-vacation with our friends G. & D. This time to the mountains of Wintergreen VA. It was kind of a long drive (3+ hours), but a beautiful place. Again, since I didn’t expect to SCUBA dive, I took my amphibious AT Pro instead of any one of my underwater detectors. I got to detect a couple of local lakes and found the usual trash and clad coins. Incredibly, the detector is so sensitive, I even found the back of an earring! In retrospect, I should have brought my SCUBA gear. While I was on a beach, a woman asked me to look for her GoPro camera. She had the spot, but it was too murky at about ten feet to find while snorkeling. The day before we left, I tried detecting a couple of hours on a ski slope. It was August, and pretty steep terrain. I felt a little like an anthropologist as I found clusters of items at certain areas. For instance, near the lift, there were many beer bottle caps and broken coat snaps. I can see in my mind the skiers settling down & enjoying a beer on the ride up. At the bottom of the actual slope, there were a few coins and broken pieces of ski boots. I’d love to go back in the spring, but I think I would need to be part billy goat because it was so steep. The photo is what I found at the lift and the slope. Afterwards, we had a fantastic dinner with G&D at Devils Backbone Basecamp Brewpub.

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Stuff from the ski slope.