Bass River Cape Cod, Massachusetts Wharf: wedding band lost, found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

After a day at yachting Steve could not resist playing with a few quahog clams while wading back ashore. Unfortunately the cool water helped his ring slip from its normal resting place of many years. Hours of hand sifting and eyeballing the river’s bottom for the ring did not coax it back out of the water.

Steve wanted nothing to do with a replacement ring. With a tip from a friend Steve found my number at, called and left a message. I had been out and missed his call. As my luck is Steve was busy getting a haircut – yes the barber was open for his second day. With his neat looking head of hair Steve returned my call without listening to my message. Forty-five minutes later we were heading down the path to the boathouse and beyond to the wharf.

Steve borrowed a pair of water-shoes to wade out into the river and show me just where his ring should be. I started to search a bit closer to the wharf than I was told. But then again I always start to the outside of the Box. My third swing and I had a great signal. My first, second and third scoop were empty. But the signal was still there although it had moved from the center of my first digs. Fourth scoop and as much as I liked the sound of the signal I would not have been surprised to see a pull tab in my scoop. But not this time the only object was this large beautiful wedding band.

Steve removed the ring from the scoop, put it back on his finger. There to stay. A bit choked up, Steve was still able to thank me. Smiles and Thank You were my reward. I love this hobby of mine. If I did not know better I think I can see a bit of a tear in the photo. I’d have to guess it was Steve’s wife who shed the tear of joy. I forgot to take pictures at the river’s edge. Steve had not. I had to ask him to take a photo or two for me. Don’t you just love the amazing picture of the ring? There is not another one that could have replace such a sentimental piece of love and togetherness. All in the name of love.

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  1. Steve Silva says:

    Rick- It might be hard for some people to understand the value of just a hunk of polished metal that could easily be replaced. For me though, this particular wedding ring was priceless and irreplaceable. First and foremost, it obviously represented the almost 25 years of my being married to my best friend, my wife Cathy, who I consider the best woman in the world. I consider myself a very lucky person to be her husband. So that alone was reason enough to want it back on my ring finger in the worst way. Even more than that though, it had been with me, on me, when my family and I lived through so many wonderful and terrible events. I was never going to give up finding it. Thanks to a dear friend who pointed to you to help me, you immediately came to the rescue, and then you found my ring so fast it made my head spin. It took you more time to put your waders on and grab your equipment to walk down to the water with me, than it did to find the ring. I was literally shocked when you would not take payment. You showed what an incredible difference one person can make in another’s, a stranger’s life, and you proved that there are wonderful people in this world at a time when this experience is so sadly rare. I literally cannot thank you enough for that alone Rick. You have a friend for life. I am forever grateful to you, and I was right, I am a lucky person. All the best to you, and The RING FINDERS everywhere.

  2. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    nice job

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