Engagement Ring Returned to Owner by a Ring Finders Team Effort in Dennisport, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Kate never gave up faith that either Luke or I would find her engagement ring. After four low water tries no sparkle of her ring was to be seen. Lost on the 31st of July it was not until the morning of the 2nd of August that everyone came to an agreement on just where the ring should be and we should be searching. It is unbelievably true that both Luke and I had detected over that area more than once. At early morning light I started to the east and Luke to the west of the point. The depth of water were the ring slipped from Kate’s finger was still up for discussion. Needless to say Luke and I would cover the area very carefully again. Within a minute Luke had a signal, dug and re-dug, nothing more was to be heard or seen of the target. Two steps later he heard another signal, dug and re-dug at the target, again the signal was gone, a good sign that the target was in his scoop. Looking into his scoop he saw nothing, no ring, no piece of junk, just a few shells. Then, with laughter and a smile on his face, he called me over to look into his scoop, I saw nothing. “Look harder” Luke said, I did but still saw nothing. “Look on the scoop’s brace plate” I did and there was Kate’s ring, resting on the plate.

Talk about a ring that wanted to hide, Kate’s ring was that ring. It had taken a total of 12 hours detecting before her ring was to be found. During the searches another 5 rings, two religious medals, several fishing weights and lures, coins, pull-tabs, a champagne seal, and many other smaller pieces of metal were retrieved from the sea bed. Upon pulling one ring from the depths I thought I had found the ring. I was unsure of the exact ring style I was searching for, after all how many white gold diamond rings could be lost in such a small area? I took the ring to Kate and she told me it was not hers. It looked like white gold with a diamond on top…turned out to be a silver ring with a clear topaz. As I walked back to the water, even more determined to find Kate’s ring, I was feeling less than wonderful, to say the least. Kate’s ring really took a team effort to find. To Luke and myself it really does not matter, except for bragging rights, who finds a “misplaced” item; it only matters that the owner gets their item returned to them. And that is what we do and did. Best of all was the sincere emotions, appreciation and gratitude shown by Kate and her fiance.

At Luke’s request I am made this post as he has been very busy scuba diving for other lost rings, working and taking care of personal concerns. Please be sure to visit Luke Berube’s blog page here at: TheRingFinders.com/Luke.Berube/ for more of his return blogs.

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  1. Matt BOEVERS says:

    KOOL BEANS LUKE water hunts are fun. It of course they can be long recoveries good job

  2. Kate Shanteler says:

    Rick and Luke were my vacation heroes! I am so grateful that my sister was able to locate these two guys. I still am in awe that they found my ring. I gave them the best guess I had on where I was in the ocean and they were able to locate my ring after 3 days. I was told by a lot of people on the beach that they would’ve given up after the first day of searching but I knew the universe had put these two guys in my life for a reason. They would not give up and searched for HOURS. I knew after talking to these gentlemen, they would find my ring. I never lost hope after meeting them. I read reviews on the site after first losing the ring and stayed hopeful though trying to accept that I might never find the ring again. Rick and Luke delivered in the best way possible. I am so incredibly grateful to have had these guys in my corner searching for me and I hope others can have the same sense of hope when you are in such a state of despair. I was once that person and these guys did the unthinkable!

  3. My Ring Finder friend Dave Boyer and I team up a lot on searches.

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