Help Needed to Locate Lost Wedding Band in Marstons Mills, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

December 7. 2018

Having lost his ring while leaf blowing Jim and his wife visually searched on hands and knees turning over every leaf in hopes of finding Jim’s ring. Having failed at with a visual search they came to the correct idea for finding the one of a kind wedding band, the use of a metal detector. They rented a metal detector and searched with it for many tiring hour of swinging without finding the ring. They resigned to the fact that it was gone forever. After returning the rental, Jim and his wife made plans to locates a similar ring before Christmas. It would not be the same as the one that had adorned Jim’s finger for over forty years but it would have to do.

I stopped at J&E Enterprise, the local metal detector dealer, and was told of the still lost ring. I placed a call to Thelma, Jim’s wife and left a message. Minutes later I had a return call. Thelma was almost convinced that I might help, but wanted to talk to Jim before committing to having me detect their property for the lost ring. Two hours later I was starting a search of their yard. Knowing the loss was recent and therefore there would be no need to dig to retrieve it. After recovering three surface targets; a small piece of copper, a nail with a piece of aluminum attached and a pull tab from a soda can, I heard the perfect sound, that of a round object close to the surface. I looked at the point where my detector showed the object should be and there it was three-quarters of it’s edge shining in the sunlight. It was hard to stop Jim from picking it up, but I asked him to wait until I took a picture and have Thelma come and see just were the ring had been for the past few weeks. A happy ending of a few stressful weeks.

Why did I find the ring in a area that had already been searched with a metal detector. It really boiled down to the facts; I had 36 years of detecting experience, knew which of my 14 detectors had the best chance isolating the one target in an area that had a potential of several trash targets in a short amount of time and understanding the nuances of each sound the detectors was giving off from each detected object, in this case Jim’s ring.

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  1. Thelma says:

    You are the best! Keep finding things for people!

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