Hearing Aid Found and Returned in Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

It was not my grandmother’s hearing aid. It was super small, no wires, Bluetooth enabled and lost.

It took two detectorists from TheRingFinders to locate a “lost” hearing aid, one that others had no luck in locating. Denis, Anne, neighbors, friends and even the sales person of the hearing aid did not eyeball the lost left hearing aid. Denis with his Bluetooth enabled hearing aid on had been out listening to The Beatles Here Comes The Sun while leaf blowing his front yard. After finishing up an early leaf fall and back in his house he noticed the left aid was missing. The noise from the leaf blower masked the missing music. With the aid of a new detector with a visual indication of the type of metals along with an audio sound, it took me about a half an hour to be fortune enough to hear the signal response of the aid’s battery among all the not so possible signal returns. With a bit of help from a flash light the hearing aid came into view among a bit of tall grass under which it had been hiding from other prying eyes. I surmised that a tree’s branch had brushed the hearing aid from Denis’s left ear which lead to the search. The initial request for help in finding the lost hearing aid came to me from J&E Metal Detectors. I was in the middle of having roof work done on my house and being unsure if I would be able to do a search before darkness fell, I called on Luke for a bit of assistance. As it turned out Luke and I showed up about two minutes apart. Many magnificent people all came together to help in the search and return. My hobby allows me to meet such wonderful people, and friendships I and others can count on in time of need.

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  1. Denis Moore says:

    Thank you Rick you saved the day by finding my hearing aid! I appreciate how you and Luke came out the same day my wife Anne called Eleanor.I will highly recommend you!

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