Two weeks as a wedding band then 2 days lost in Provincetown

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 21,2018

My super detector dealer Eleanor needed a hunting partner to search a cold water beach. Not thinking it would be too cold for bating suit and booties, that is what I took for the search. After our meeting with the Chief Park Ranger and obtaining specific permission to search for the one item, a wedding band, we headed off to the area the ring was lost at. When my toes hit the water, I had the awful feeling that I would not last too long in the water. And I was correct.

I started at one end of the search area, going parallel with the water’s edge I stayed in the water ankle deep. I was chilled at the end of the search area, exited the water under the pretext of marking the beach. In reality I wanted to warm my feet in the bright sun. Back in the water and a bit deeper this was going to be my last stretch, well my next to last anyway. On the third pass I got the signal and saw the ring in my scoop and I was too cold to remove it from the scoop. I rushed back to Jimmy and had him remove the ring that was colder than I was. It had spent the night alone and chilling in the cold water.

The ring was but two weeks into a life-long journey and now after two days in the cold ocean waters, that was enough, it was back where it belongs. After photos and Thank-Yous Jimmy, Ann Marie and the ring were heading to Salem and to continue the honeymoon with promises of no more swimming with the ring.

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