Lost Ring in the Sound While Tossing a Football - Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 2, 2018

Karim’s call was made in panic, he had lost his wedding band of twenty-five years. The same ring that had slipped form his finger just a day after his wedding. De ja vue, but this time he could not find the ring. In our correspondence, I agreed to search for the ring. First I had to meet him at his brother’s house and then take a boat ride to the opposite side of the river where the beach was. I arrived at our meeting place and while sitting on the deck an aroma of honeysuckle filed my nostrils I could do nothing but reflect back to my childhood porch with the same fragrance. A million dollar moment was broken by passing police cars which I learned later were on their was to an motor vehicle accident.

Back to reality Karim and I were down on the dock, boat and headed to the island. Within a few minutes I was in the water, looking for the lost ring. A short search of less than 5 minutes ended with the ring in my scoop and Karim removing it. What a beautiful day it was. A ride back across the river and I was off to lunch and another search to find a college ring. But not until a few more breaths to inhale the fragrance of the honeysuckle.

The accident was a single car going off the paved road, hitting a rock and landing on its roof. It had happened just before Karim got that section of the road. Luck and my skill work in his favor that day.