Third ring found and returned in Harwich, Cape Cod, MA this week!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

The difference in the meaning of “DEEP” water is relative to one’s height.

Mike’s loss was not noticed at once so my search area was within 3 areas and the path between them. A Google photo with the marked area and the fact he was playing with his kids my search plan was set. I started at low tide, and worked up the beach’s slope. The water was heavy with seaweed and I could search that area when the tide came in. After 2½ hours I was searching in the water but had little hope as I would be underwater at high tide and Mike was not when he lost his ring. Little did I know Mike stands well over 6’ tall and his head would still be above water long after I would have needed a long snorkel to stand next to him. I have dreamed of being that tall while detecting in deep water. Back to the search…I found the ring a half hour after entering the water within 10 feet of the center of the most likely area as identified by Mike on his area photo. If I only knew and there was not the floating seaweed, I may have found the ring in less time. Mike came to my home to pick up his ring of almost 13 years. What a personality, I knew I was in for an exciting talk form a very energetic man after only a few minutes on the phone with Mike. It was a memorable pleasure meeting Mike, his enthusiastic smile and returning his ring.