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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

It was just meant to be!


Lots of sand and very little snow this winter have kept the calls for help to a bare minimum here on Cape Cod. Today I answered my first call this year for help in finding a lost wedding band. A beautiful day, blue sky, bird songs in the air, and 8 inch high brush made for an interesting hunt in the woods. I took my biggest detector coil, and adjusted the detector for “gold” and a “on the surface” target. OOPS, got a bit to close to a metal fence but the indication was it was not gold. Moving on…to the back side of the hunt area without another signal, I turned and went back to the front edge of the woods. A few small signal, nothing that would be a ring, I continued around a tree and on to the bird feeder. A good signal, was it the feeder’s pole or the ring? I moved some over burden and then some decaying ground cover before I knew it was not the pole and that it was indeed the gold ring.
Jane could hardly believe she had the ring back on her finger, where it belonged. A few casual words and we quickly connected as Jane was from Montrose, Scotland and I had been stationed in the next town over, Edzell. A quick catch up and it was time to bid Jane a “Cheery Bye”. My photos did not process well, so all I have a one fair shot of the ring. I shall always remember Jane’s smile and heart felt thanks. It was really a pleasure to help such a wonderful and sincere person. OH, I must mention that Jane’s maiden name and my last name are the same and I married a wonderful woman named Jane. Our meeting was just meant to be!

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