Lost Ring - Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA found and returned by Cape Cod team

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A mother’s 18K wedding band with 45 diamonds was found within five minutes of arriving at the hunt area and returned to the owner that afternoon. A pleasant 30 minute drive home was enhanced by a wonderful ice cream cone.

Jamie had been removing some flowers that were past their time to be sitting on the kitchen table. In doing so she tossed them along with her ring off the back porch, into the woods. Not being able to find the ring she reached out to two sisters Eleanor and Judy for help. The two detectorists did not find the ring on the first day. They invited me to come with my new detector and help in the recovery the next day.

In the likely area of the loss I could not set up my detector where I was standing, move back about 3 feet and “tuned in” the detector. On the first sweep I got a good sounding signal, looked down and saw the edge of a ring. Yes, it was Jamie’s ring.
That is the way all unfortunate situations should end…with Happy Smiles!

My stand in for Jamie