Lost ring in Minneapolis Lake found and returned to owner.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

Enjoying a day at the beach with his son tossing around a football John lost his wedding ring. He had an idea on a location but was not sure exactly when the ring went missing. He gave me a description and the search was on. After about 3 1/2 hours of searching doing a double grid search, the ring was nowhere to be found.  The beach had many people swimming and I could not be sure if someone might have moved it while swimming, or someone found it, or I just missed it.

On a slightly cooler day around 73 degrees, I figured the beach would be less busy and head back out.  I tightened the grid search pattern up and continued for another 3-4 hours. No one else was in the water. The sun was setting and it started to get more difficult to see my signals. I was thinking I may have to go grab my headlight to continue. I was getting a lot of targets that were sounding good but were items small enough to slip out the scoop I was using. This process really slowed down the recovery process.  I was on my last pass and got a signal for 3 junk items close together but got a quick blip of a possible target like a pop-top or ring. When I shook the sand out of the scoop I could see the ring. Found just in the nick of time.  Photo of the lake as I was leaving. The ring was returned to the owner and he was ecstatic.

2 Replies to “Lost ring in Minneapolis Lake found and returned to owner.”

  1. Griff says:

    Nice result as a result of dedication to the task. Hopefully the owners appreciate all the hard work you did.

    1. Paul W. Nolan says:

      Thank you, yes – he found it were I left it for him. He could not believe his eyes. He brought it back into the house and just stared at his wife for about 20 seconds speechless. He called me and was elated.

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