Diamond Earring found!

  • from Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

After having a lovely swim at a friend’s cottage, I discovered one of my diamond earrings was missing.   I was upset as they were a treasured wedding gift from my Mother.   A few of us used snorkel goggles to search several times , but it was difficult due to the depth, low light and mixed rock/sand lake bottom and we were unsuccessful.
Two days later, I found Paul Davies information on the Ring Finders website.   I texted him and he responded very quickly.   He asked some clarifying questions and we briefly spoke about the potential to find a small piece of jewelry on a lake bottom.   Due to the sentimental connection of the earring, I decided to hire Paul and I was lucky he had time to do the search later that same day. Paul was very professional, communicative and friendly throughout the process. The lake was a 2+ hour drive away from Paul’s location, he let me know his expected arrival time and also confirmed his departure time.  Paul arrived at the time stated, was friendly, courteous, and quickly started the search.
I was so relieved and ecstatic when Paul found the earring.  Paul is obviously an expert — using his equipment, knowledge,  keen eyes and skill in jewelry finding!
I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul Davies jewelry finding services.
Karen V.

When my friend Karen,  lost her diamond stud earring at the bottom of our cottage lake, we thought that was it. The earring has significant sentimental value so we decided to try and give Ringfinder.com a try. Paul responded to our request within minutes, and despite being 2 hours away was willing to come the same day. Paul kept us up to date several times regarding his arrival time and arrived as promised.
Paul was extremely personable and put us at ease right away. As a former firefighter and dive instructor for 20 years, we knew we were in good hands. Paul immediately got to work getting his gear set up and  putting his dive gear on.  The water at the end of our dock is about 10 feet deep with a sandy / muddy bottom and that is where the earring fell. Paul told us he was going to have a quick look and assess the environment. About a minute later Paul came up to give us the update – ‘here is the earring!’. We could not believe it! We didn’t even think Paul had ‘started’ yet. We certainly did not expect Paul to find such a small piece of jewelry in dark water that quickly, but he did.
We could not have been more happy with Paul’s service. We would recommend Paul to anyone who needs to find something lost in the water. He truly was a miracle worker that day!


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  1. Steven Ray says:

    Great recovery Paul !

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