Wedding ring lost underwater

  • from New South Wales (Australia)

Josh contacted me on 8 December after losing his wedding ring while enjoying a day with the kids at Cables Wake Park in Sydney, Australia.

I met Josh after a three hour drive early yesterday and after almost two hours of searching in zero visibility water crisscrossed by anchor cables and ropes, two watches, surprisingly only one pair of sunglasses and about $10 in change, I felt Josh’s wedding ring  in a handful of fine mud.


Thank you to Kylie and Garry from Cable Wake Park for allowing us access before the school kids arrived to do the search and to Josh for providing the search target and for surface support and technical advice.

Smiles all round 😀

Smiles all round 😀


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  1. Sean Boddie says:

    Given your latest blogpost discription of this location and its specific difficulties eg metal cables, weed, muddy bottom and near zero visibility, very well done again!

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