RING Lost at Myriad gardens in Oklahoma City found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a email from NILA about her husbands wedding ring. She stated that her friend wanted to look at the ring. (They were at the MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENS IN OKLAHOMA CITY) She let her look at it and next she said was oh no. It had slipped off her friends finger right into the water. So told me it was in 5-6 foot of water I said ok we’ll find it. So two days later another text from NILA she said the grounds keeper was misinformed. The place were the ring was lost was 4 feet of water I said that’s even better. So I put my detector in the water it was only waist deep. So I started searching and got the signal every RINGFINDER wants to hear. I knew NILA was videoing me searching for her husbands ring. So on my third scoop in the mud and rocks there it was a beautiful rose gold colored ring. I said is this your ring It took a few seconds to hit her and then the tears came. It had been about two weeks since the ring was lost. Thanks NILA for getting ahold of me when u did.