Lost Ring in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Recieved a call from Jim and he said he lost his ring while in the swimming pool. When I got to Jim’s house he showed me his back yard .I asked Jim to show me what he was doing when he lost it, he was playing volleyball with the kids he said. I told him if it’s here I will find it for you. He thought it was it the rose bushes.  I crawled around in the rose bushes with my pin pointer nothing I began to think its not here. ( I thought of something CHRIS turner told me once sometimes its always somewhere else) I looked for six hours Friday.  Nothing yet Jim said go home and rest it’s hot and you are worn out. I returned Monday after work was there two hours went thru the rose bushes again still nothing I thought it’s not here. I gathered up my equipment and started out. There was a section of the yard I never checked because Jim said I saw it fly off my hand over this way. Well I decided to check the small section took two swings and got a good signal couldn’t see anything so the pinpointer came in handy. I moved the dirt with my finger and guess what said hello MATT – Jim’s ring was shining. I could not believe it I thought the mower had got it. I’m glad I took that one more swing. The Garrett ago pro came thru for me. Thanks Jim for the generous reward. I called Jim as he wasn’t home when I found it he was on an airplane on his way home he was one happy man.

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