Lost Ring on foreign vacation

If you recently lost a ring while traveling abroad and wish you could have it now…there is HOPE.  There are many members available in various countries who are willing and able to assist you. If you know where you lost the ring or other item, just check the directory of theringfinders.com and contact one of the helpful members for further information. I have personally traveled to nearby countries and found rings for their owners. One one of those occasions, the owners were not even present to show me the location.

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  1. Vera says:

    Good evening!

    I just found your page.
    My husband lost his wedding ring this Wednesday 15.8 ( on our 5th anniversary) in Nizza in Sea next to the beach.
    We would be very glad for any help. I can send the pic of the exact place.

    Thank you
    Vera Schwarz

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