Lost earring in Toulon, France

Yesterday, I went to the beaches in Toulon. I decided to use the BHID instead of the Surf PI (I alternate them). After 3-4 hrs of detecting the wind increased I decided to  go home. This beach is lined with several restaurants and since it was lunch time, all of the outside tables were full of people. As I walked back to the car, I continued to  detect along the sandy beach passing one of the restaurants. Shortly after passing the restaurant, I heard a woman trying to get my attention. After removing my earphones, I listened to her story about her granddaughter (about 8 yrs old) who had just lost one of her earrings on the beach near the restaurant and she asked if I would try to find it.

We walked back to the beach area where the granddaughter lost it (about a 12′ x12′ area). It was deep white sand and I asked to see the other earring. It was soooo small. Although it was a difficult challenge I decided to try. The earring was in a silver outline of a heart (just a heart on a post for pierced ears). You could see by the look on the granddaughter’s face, she was really broken hearted (no pun intended). I told the grandmother that it would be a difficult search due to the conditions and the very small piece of jewelry. I found several targets (junk) and sifted the sand as best I could with no luck. After about 10 minutes, I still had not found the the girl’s lost heart. Grandmother rejoined her husband at the lunch table (not more than 15′ away) as did the granddaughter. All the other customers knew what was going on and you could tell that they did not believe there would be a happy ending. Shortly thereafter, I followed up on a rather good signal very carefully. All of a sudden, I caught just a little glimmer of something shiny.. I reached down and carefully moved some of the sand and there it was… A REALLY small  heart shaped silver earring. I interrupted the luncheon with, “Madame”. She came over to me and I handed her (to her disbelief) her granddaughter’s earring. The granddaughter was clearly pleased and I smiled. The grandmother immediately told the other luncheon crowd that I had found her granddaughter’s earring.
I am pleased that I was able to find this very small, but important, earring for this young girl. You could see that she was really pleased to have this item back where it belonged.
If I could find this item, then I am sure that I can find other lost items for you. Call me.
Larry Griffith
Provence, France

2 Replies to “Lost earring in Toulon, France”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Larry, you must of made that little girls day!

  2. John Abel says:

    Well done Larry glad to read about your sucess. You need to put loads of tags in on the end of your write up, make sure you include the name of the aera you live in, it REALLY helps with the Google results.



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