Helping others...even during vacations in another country!

Returning home to France from vacation, we stopped on the coast of Italy. I decided to take my metal detector with me in case I had a chance to do some detecting. We were in a town called Sanremo near the french border and the weather was great. While ‘tecting’ at a small beach, I came upon 5 young men were acting very excited and some of them were laughing. They motioned me to come over to their area indicating they had just lost something and asked if I could help (through some difficult problems with communication since I only speak english and french). They said that one of the 5 had just lost 2 gold wedding bands.  Unfortunately, they were not sure the exact location (the water was about 3 ½ ft deep). I did a grid pattern based upon their story. However, after 40 minutes of searching, I only found several coins. All but one of the men left to go ashore thinking the rings were not going to be found. However, one of the men urged me to a different location (he thought the others were not correct on their ‘site’). Well, he was right. Within 2 minutes or so, I found one of the rings and then it took only a couple of more minutes to find the other one.. Needless to say, the entire group (plus MANY onlookers on the shore) were very happy that I located the rings. I still don’t speak italian but I understood them perfectly.