Lost engagement ring near Salina, Sevier County, Utah: Found

Yesterday, Sabrina and her fiancé, Patrick, were traveling across the country so he could report for duty at Ft. Irwin. When they stopped along a lonely stretch of I-70 in central Utah to let their dog out, Sabrina felt her engagement ring slip off of her finger. They thoroughly searched through the snow where she was standing, but they couldn’t find it. Next, they drove the several miles into Salina, Utah, bought a metal detector, and went back for more fruitless searching. Patrick had to report the next day, so they didn’t have time to search further. Sabrina was heart-broken to lose her ring. She found TheRingFinders last night, gave me a call, and asked me to help. This morning I drove more than 2 hours through a snowstorm, but I was able to find her ring! I shipped it out this afternoon, and it will be back on her finger in a couple of days.

Thank you, Patrick, for your service in the Army!

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  1. Griff says:

    Patrick responded to the call of duty and it appears you also responded to the call of duty! It’s nice to be successful in those terrible conditions.

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