Lost Keys Long Branch NJ... Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a father whose son Eugene had lost his keys in the sand on West End Beach in Long Branch, NJ.  Luckliy, Eugene had an extra set of keys and had already made it home by the time I was called.  And even better, Eugene had dropped a pin on Google maps around where the keys were lost.  I headed out to Long Branch the following afternoon and using the map with the pin, I was easily able to find the right area.  After searching for a couple of hours, I had the keys in hand!  I’m happy that I was able to help out and Eugene was happy to have his keys back!

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  1. Michael Cipolla says:

    My son called pretty distraught because he had no idea what to do. Sure, he had another set but why take a chance. Human nature would force the average person to change the locks, especially with a 5 yrs. old child at home.Consequently, I also metal detect once a week and knew about the ringfinders website through a friend who is a member of the site out of Pismo Beach. I reassured him told him to wait by the phone and I’ll get back to him. I went on ringfinders site, put in the zip and Kati’s name popped up, I clicked on it and there she was. I communicated with Kati, responding immediately, she was so easy to deal with and I had no question in my mind she would find them. Eugene had pinned the site where he thought he dropped the keys. To answer everyone’s question why I didn’t take my metal detector and go myself; for her fee of $25 between the Verrazano toll, the Jersey tolls, gas, traffic and aggravation-that’s why. Plus, Kati is packing a much more sophisticated piece of equipment than my little machine and she is probably much better at it and having retired from the phone company and hearing 1000 cycle tone in my ear every day for 18 years I could be on top of it and wouldn’t know. Anyway, Eugene text me on Thursday ecstatic “She found the keys!”, I had no doubt Kati would. She was very modest about her skills when I called to thank her but I was, for Eugene’s sake, very thankful for her expertise. We cannot thank her enough, she is a real pro, and a modest one at that.

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