Missed Posting A Few Recoveries

  • from Austin (Texas, United States)

I’ve been out and about helping reunite folks with their rings. I’ve had some great finds and some unfortunate and disappointing missed recoveries, but for the most part things have been going well. I am going to try and start posting these again as I find them with the stories from the folks who I’ve helped to get out of the dog house. Here are a few rings recovered that I had not posted before.  The first is Ellen, found in her back yard after she lost it doing some gardening work around her gazebo in the middle of the night after a rain! The second was Andrew who lost his wedding band while playing soccer in a VERY large field, we both had lost hope after a several hours but in the end I found it just as Andrew had decided to give up. Last was Raj, he was visiting a friend playing with their dog when he tossed the ball and watched as his ring flew off as well. He knew almost the exact area where it had fallen but the grass was quite tall, but with the right equipment it took me under 5 minutes to find. I will try to get more and better pictures in the future I just forget because I get excited and I also talk too much 🙂