Backyard find

  • from Austin (Texas, United States)

Gail contacted me this morning explaining that her husband had lost his ring over the weekend while mowing the back lawn. They searched on their own a bit and were unable to find the it themselves, which is typically normal as rings are really hard to find unless you see it hit the ground. After an exchange of details I decided I would be able to take a long lunch break from work to help them find the ring, I sort of knew that it wouldn’t take too much time for the recovery as she stated her husband had just lost it over the weekend. When I arrived Gail showed me a specific area where the trampoline had been and said that they believed it to be in the general area because he had to move it out of the way to mow there and then move it back. After a quick 15 minute search I was able to find the ring just outside of the area where they believed it to be! What was really cool and a great idea that I will be using myself in the future was the fact that she had actually used a very large magnet to clear the surface area of any loose screws, nails, etc. Not only did I get to reunite them with their precious lost wedding ring, I got a great new tip/trick for any areas that are especially trashy on the surface. Thank you Gail, glad to have helped you and your family!


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  1. G Hogberg says:

    Thank you again, I had looked so hard we thought it was hopeless. I know we had looked exactly where you found it multiple times but could not see it as it lay on it’s side and the gold was not shiny as we expected. Only a faint circle was visible of the ring embedded in the dirt. We must have stepped on it and pushed it into the ground. I am sure we would never have found it without your help. Thank you so much! You are a kind and trustworthy person that people will feel comfortable letting into their yard. Keep up the good work.

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