Lost Platinum & Diamond Wedding Band Recovered! Linthicum Maryland.

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

It had been a while since I received a call from someone in a panic after losing a ring, but that changed about a week ago when I was contacted by Bill. He told me that while he was getting items out of his truck 2 days prior, he not only felt, but heard his ring hit the ground. Thinking it would be in the immediate area where he was, he began to look on the asphalt parking lot, the curb/gutter area and the sidewalk/grass area adjacent to the curb. After hours of searching he came up empty. Thinking it must have rolled into the storm drain a few feet away, he pulled the grate and hopped into the hole. Again, after searching through the debris and leaves, he came up empty. He then started questioning himself if he had actually heard the ring hit or if it was wishful thinking. At that time, we made plans to meet the following afternoon.

Upon meeting Bill the next day, the first thing he said was “Thanks for coming out to do the search, but I really don’t expect you to find it”. “I’ve spent hours and hours in this area and simply don’t think it is here”. I told him if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d have about $50! I then got to work and after doing a quick search with my detector over the grassy sidewalk area and coming up empty, I decided(after surveying the immediate landscape) to go own into the storm drain as Bill did a few days earlier. The big difference this time was that I had my state of the art equipment with me along with years of experience to use it effectively. Within a few seconds I hit a target signal. I proceeded to move some leaves aside and BAM!!! There it was!

As I’m climbing out of the storm drain, Bill, who was loading items in his vehicle, gazed over with a look that said, “I told you I already looked down there.” I then walked over to him and said, “I think this is yours!” Needless to say, he was shocked, amazed and grateful all at the same time!

Bill actually played a huge role in helping me recover his ring. He gave me a detailed description of exactly what happened and contacted me quickly. One big rain storm and this ring would most likely be gone for good.  Length of time is not always that critical, but in this case it definitely was.  As always, I’m happy that another lost ring is back where it belongs!