Ring recovered in junk yard, Wyoming, Michigan

  • from Manistee (Michigan, United States)
Snow melt came just in time:
Jeff P. contacted me and stated that he had lost his wedding ring in a junk yard while he was removing parts from a junked car. I met him there yesterday with my Ringfinder friend, Dave Boyer, and found out that our metal detectors were almost useless because of all the metal laying on the ground (also about 8 inches of snow). With no luck then, we came back today after the rain and snow melt last night. With all the snow gone we found the ring laying on top of the ground in just a few minutes. He had his back to the car hood on the right when he shook his hands downward to shake off the snow and felt his ring come off. The real mystery is how the ring flew off to his right side and behind him when the ring was on his left hand. You can see the ring about 3 inches to the left of that brake caliper on the ground. We stopped by his job and surprised him with the find.

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