Hunting knife found in the Wilds of Southwestern Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Adventure in the Woods:
Robert was deer hunting and while hauling his deer out of the woods he lost 2 knives, a pocket knife and hunting knife. He used a four wheeler to haul the deer out and followed a trail thru the woods. Dave Boyer and myself searched both sides of the trail with our metal detectors and I found the pocket knife and an old log chain on the trail. The deer that Robert shot ran out into this marsh where it finally dropped. After searching the trail we figured we better search the route he took when he dragged the deer out of marsh and back to the trail. Arriving at the spot where the deer dropped in the high marsh grass, Robert spotted his hunting knife laying on the ground, no metal detector needed for that. The knife had been in his side pocket on his leg and bending down to check the deer, it had slipped out of his pocket. Another successful hunt. Our timing was perfect because on the way home it started to snow and the knife would have been covered up and harder to find.

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