Hudsonville, Michigan ring recovered

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Ring Found in Hudsonville, MI
Received a text from Bonnie stating she lost her wedding ring in the backyard yesterday. I set up an appointment with Bonnie. Dave Boyer and I met her after she got home from work. She showed us the area where she had been pulling weeds out of a tall grassy area and there were small piles of dirt where the weeds had been pulled out. She retired to the house as we went and grabbed our equipment. In searching the first small pile of dirt, BINGO, there was her ring, 30 seconds at most. Knocking on the door she was surprised at the quick recovery. The dog was not happy with these two strange guys and it took a while to warm up to us. In the end we put a big smile on Bonnie and even the pup. One of our signature moves when coming to a house with a dog, is to take time to meet the dog and get some good licks and petting first.

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