Wedding Ring lost in Kent County, Michigan Park

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Jennifer S. last night telling me she had lost her wedding ring while playing in the water with her son Josh. Jennifer’s friend told her to contact Tom Towsend who is a Ringfinder, Tom referred her to me as I was closer and probably available. After getting all the details as to what happened I told her I would be out to the Park as soon as it opened. The swim area was about the size of 2 football fields but Jennifer was able to narrow my search to between 3 buoys. I started to grid the area for a couple of hours with no results. That day I met Jennifer along with my Ringfinder partner Dave Boyer to check out the area and possibly narrow our search.

The next morning at 7 AM Dave and I started another grid search from the edge of the water to the buoys. After a search of the area without turning up a ring we crossed the grid area the opposite way. On the first pass toward the last buoy I got a good hit on gold and there the ring was in my scoop. After getting out of the water I contacted Jennifer leaving a message.

Jennifer called me soon after my message and I told her “I found the ring” we made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant to give her the ring. The expression and excitement she displayed make being a Ringfinder worth all the effort. Thank you Tom Towsend for the referral.

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