Lost wedding ring, 2 years, Wyoming, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call last week from Dan H. He was talking to his jeweler (Russell and Ballard Jewelers) who are also friends of mine about replacing his lost wedding ring. A couple years ago while putting in some aluminium edging around his back yard he discovered his ring missing. Dan had lost some weight and the ring was loose. While at the jewelers he was told to contact Me and I could help recover his ring, before having to buy a new one. Dan called me and I came out a few days later after the weather warmed up. My Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, came with me to help. After removing the aluminium edging and Dan’s picnic table we started our search of an area about 30′ X 30′. After about 5 minutes I got a faint signal (28) on my Fisher F75 detector. I almost past it up but because it indicated 2″ down I decided to dig a little plug. Immediately, I saw a shiny bit of gold and there it was. Going up to the front door Dan came out and I presented him the ring. At age 77 I can still make the ladies cry when I recover their lost ring but this is a first, I made a very happy man cry.

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