Grand Rapids, Michigan ring recovered in snow

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Jesse L. called me this morning after finding the Ring Finders on line. Jesse was shoveling his deck without gloves and after a few swipes he decided to put on gloves. A few minutes after coming into the house he discovered his new white gold wedding ring was missing. He figured it either came off while shoveling without gloves or when he finished and took off his gloves. After Jesse’s phone call to me I told him we (Dave Boyer my Ring Finder partner) could be there at 1 pm today. Once we got to  the house we went to work on the back deck. There was at least 8″ of snow so we weren’t too concerned about the nails in the deck because the ring would give off a different signal. After checking through all the snow on the deck we didn’t get a good signal. Dave started checking on the ground around the deck and I did too. I used my pin pointer in the deep snow after getting a good signal and the ring was recovered.

I knock on the slider and told Jesse “good news and bad news”. The bad, snow will be gone in the spring, the good, here is your ring. With a big smile and thank you he put his ring back on his finger.

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