Lost cell phone in Gobles, MI recovered

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Dimitriy P. yesterday. He was cutting grass between Blueberry bushes while on his tractor. His cell phone was in his pocket and with the bumpy ride it fell out and went under a clump of cut grass. After walking between the rows of bushes where he had been driving the tractor and searching for the cell with no luck he Googled “lost cell phone” and found the Ringfinders. I have Kalamazoo as one of my cities I serve and that was close by. After reading my resume and making a few reference calls I was asked to find his cell phone.

I called my detector friend, Tom Cleary, to help me search the large area. We started at the front of the field and worked our through the Blueberry bushes. After a search on the front of the farm we headed towards the back and that is when Tom called out to me that he found the phone under a clump of grass with his Equinox 800 detector.

I called Dimitriy as he was driving the 2 1/2 hour trip from West of Chicago. We sat in the shade and waited for about 50 minutes for him while also charging up his phone. Upon arrival Dimitriy explained that his friend just bought the Blueberry farm and it had grown up from neglect for a couple years so they had to cut the grass between the rows of bushes. He said the phone wasn’t that expensive except for all the information that was on it. After a few pictures taken he invited us to come down when the Blueberries were ripe and help ourselves. Thank you Tom for the help.