Engagement ring recovered in Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I was in Florida a week ago when I got a call from Isabella M. asking for help finding her ring. I was coming home the next day and told her I could come down to help her find her ring. After a few questions as to what happened, she said she shook her hands not knowing her ring came off until she got to work in the cold and snow it is quite obvious where it might be. I asked her if the plow came through their apartment parking lot, she said yes but they did not move there cars. (good move). I arrived at their apartment and began my search. Isabella walked between the cars the day her ring was lost so after her fiance moved his car I began my search. I got a nice signal by the curb but came up with junk. As I grid my search towards the rear of her car I got a solid signal on my Fisher F75, but the number on my detector only read 12, because it was a solid signal sweeping back and forth I put my pin-pointer down and there it was under about an inch of snow. I called her outside and with a big smile She reached out for her engagement ring. Another successful ring find, I love this job!

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