Diamond Earring recovered in Allendale Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, called me for some help in locating a diamond gold stick earring that was accidentally knocked off Karen G’s ear while cutting grass on her tractor mower. Karen brushed under a tree branch in her front yard and felt the earring come off. The back of the earring was still on her ear. Dave went out and used his ATPRO with a small coil and Garret pin pointer but could not get a signal after using the other earring as a target. Dave and I went out the following Saturday morning and met Karen’s husband Mark and immediately got to work. I used my Fisher F75 with a 4″ gold finder coil and got a signal on the sample so started a detailed search on my hands and knees making a 4″ grid in the area it was presumed lost. It was very possible that the branch tossed it away as it whipped the earring away. After about 10 minutes on my first forward grid search I got a signal and deep down in the grass roots in almost the exact spot where it came off, I picked out a beautiful Diamond earring. Matching it with the other one made both Karen and Mark very happy. Mark mentioned that if it wasn’t found he would be on the hook to buy Karen another set but it would be larger.   After meeting their dogs, which is a requirement when we go on a Ring Find, we said our good byes and made a couple very happy for Book of Smiles.