Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan gives up a spectacular ring after 2 days under the sand.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call today from Laura K. asking for help in finding her Diamond/Platinum band at Oval Beach. She was vacationing with her mom and sister and Monday afternoon did a little sunbathing. While packing up that afternoon, Laura folded the chair which she placed her ring in the cup holder and forgot about it and walked off to her car. I gave her 3 options as to what would happen to her ring seeing that it has been 2 days since it was left behind. Option 1: someone laid in the area to sunbath and found it in the sand, Option 2: Detectors come out to the beach almost everyday and comb the beach for coins, rings and other treasurers and Option 3: is that I will find it with my medal detector.

When Dave Boyer, my detecting partner, and myself got to the beach it was packed. Laura said they were sitting next to the boardwalk leading down to the water. We had to walk around bathers trying not to interfere with their day at the beach. It was a hopeless search so I gave Laura a call to try to pinpoint the spot a little closer. She told me an area near the boardwalk where a family of about 10 people were sitting. I came up to them and politely ask them if we could check the area where they were sitting because they may be sitting on a beautiful diamond/platinum ring. They all got excited and laughed but graciously moved over about 10 feet. After they moved I started checking the area and 5 feet into the search I found the ring about 6 inches down in the sand. I yelled “I found it” everyone started clapping and bathers from all over look and started clapping. “you guys are great” “Nice job guys” and on and on. The cherry on the top is when Joe, a guy we found his wedding ring for last year, 1 day before his anniversary out in the water, yelled out “they found my wedding ring here last year”.

I immediately called Laura who was eating with her mom and sister to give her the good news. Here are some pictures of Oval beach, the ring and Laura with a big smile.