Ladies class ring lost 19 years, returned

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I was looking for a lost ring at Beechpoint Christian Campground at Dumont Lake in Allegan, Michigan last week, when I recovered a 2001 class ring from Lourdes High School in Chicago, Illinois. I haven’t found the original ring I was looking for yet but I found a great story with this class ring. There was a name inscribed inside the ring DaVonia C. F. so I looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message. After contacting several of her friends from FB, she was convinced this was not a scam. After taking the ring to my friend, Kenneth, from Russell and Ballard Jewelers to get cleaned, I called the local Fox 17 TV station and asked them if they would like to run a feel good story. I set up a time today to drive the 360 mile round trip from Grand Rapids, MI to Chicago where DaVonia lives and works to present her with her ring. I contacted Fox 32 TV station in Chicago to meet us at her work. After an interview and pictures we parted company and friends forever. I feel pretty good that at age 75 I can still make the ladies cry.

before cleaningafter cleaning