A pleasant experience at Pleasant Lake, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

After receiving an email about a lost wedding ring I immediately contacted Curtis R. and got the scoop as to how he lost his unique Tungsten Carbide wedding ring. He was swimming at Pleasant Lake with his wife Chelsey and his children he was standing in water 2 t0 3 feet deep and shook his hands up and down and shortly after that noticed his size 13 wedding ring was missing. It is a unique ring because it had a Hawaiian wood wrapped around the outside and it was the one he was married with so it was also special to him.

We made arrangements to meet at the lake the next day around 2 pm. I began the 100 mile trip to the lake without incident and met Curtis and his family and suited up for the search. He pointed out about a 50 by 25 foot swimming area he was in and I started my grid search. After one sweep N and S, I focus my search from the deeper end to the seawall. About 6 feet from the metal seawall I got a good signal and in the scoop was his ring.

Smiles and a yell “he found it” was made. after some pictures and a handshake I told him he was officially married again after a week. It was a PLEASANT experience finding his ring.