Ring lost 10 years in Matteson Lake, Bronson, Michigan, recovered

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Three years ago I met Phil and Carolyn O. at a college bowling tournament. Their son, Justin, bowls with my grandson, Chase B., for Robert Morris University. They also have a daughter LeAnn who attends the tournaments with them. We frequently talk about my ring finds during the bowling season and it makes for good conversation. A few months ago LeAnn asked if I could find a key to her condo that she lost while on a 6 mile walk around the Spring Lake, MI area. Needless to say we could not find her $2 key but while on the 6 mile walk she mentioned a ring that she had lost 10 years ago. This is where the story picks up. When LeAnn was born her dad gave her mom the gold ring with LeAnn’s birthstone and small diamond, at age 16 her mom passed it off to her. When she was 18 and at her friends cottage, at Matteson Lake, she fell off the end of the dock and her ring fell off. Now ten years later my Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, and I went out to the cottage. The water bottom was very muddy but after about 10 minutes the ring was recovered in about 10″ of black mud. The picture below shows how it was blackened and bent but after I took it to my jeweler, he cleaned it up to look like new.  LeAnn wanted to show her appreciation and gave me my own ring, A Ring Pop!

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