Wedding band recovered at Rosy Mound, Lake Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

After traveling through Europe on their honeymoon and enjoying the married life, Steve J. never lost or misplaced his white gold wedding band. This past weekend Steve and his wife Kristi decided to take a weekend drive to the West side of the state from Lansing and swim in the Great Lake of Michigan at Rosy Mound. Somewhere between the beach, water and coming home Steve discovered his ring was missing while washing his hands when he got home. Steve immediately went on line and found The Ring Finders (Tom Townsend). Tom was not available so he referred me to them. After getting their story I told them I would go out the first thing in the morning to search. Steve had pinned the area on Google Maps and sent it to me.

I got out to the park at 6:30 am and immediately packed up for the 3/4 mile trek up and down 500+ steps to the beach. At the time I didn’t know whether his ring was lost in the water, the sand or in his car driving back home. The pin he made for me showed they were swimming, between the last 2 buoys to the South so I started a grid search from shore to the end of the last buoy up to my chest with several passes and only finding a crusty Quarter and a dime. I decided to change my grid from E and W to N and S. The area was at least half a football area. On my last N/S grid I got a hit and there it was. SWEET!

I took some pictures of the ring and the area and text Steve and said “is this your ring?”

Kristi said a little prayer last night that I would find the ring and before all my ring searches I say a prayer: “Lord, guide my eyes and ears, my hands and feet, guide them to the ring I seek, Amen” I’m sure someone was looking over my shoulder and guiding me to that small piece of gold in a very large body of water.


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    Good job! Glad you were able to find it.

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