Spring Lake, Michigan keeps a ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Got a call from my Ring Finder friend Chuck Raison about a man in Spring Lake, Michigan who lost his ring in about 20 feet of murky water. Chuck was unable to dive for a while and asked if I knew a diver. I got in touch with Greg Lewis, a diver I had recently met and asked him if he would dive. We arranged a meeting spot at my house and went to the site where the ring went down.
I gave Greg my Fisher CZ21  to use and adapted it for diving and in the water he went.
What are the odds of diving in an area 50’ x 50’ in 20’ of water with no visibility, 6” of muck and using an unfamiliar metal detector to find a white gold ring with 3 diamonds in it?
I’m writing this story as I watch Greg’s bubbles rise in the water while he searches the area.
“Guide his eyes his ears his hands and his feet, guide them to the ring he seeks, Amen” so my little pray goes.
Seth, is a West Point graduate who is stationed at Ft Polk, LA and couldn’t stick around for the ring rescue but his Father-in-law met us at the scene. Thank you to the gracious neighbor who let us use their dock as a staging area. 
After 1 hour in the water in zero visibility Greg had to come up and change tanks. We use the other tank with a string and an empty water bottle to lower in the area of the lost ring to give him a reference to swim around. This may need some more engineering for another trip.
Well the dive is over and the only thing that was brought up was an old Blatz Beer can. This is the end of this story but not the end of the search. Stay tuned.

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  1. Chuck Raison says:

    If the father in law is right as to the search area I am sure you guys are the right crew to find this ring. Thank you for taking this search. I didn’t want to tell Seth there was nothing I could do. Good luck next week.

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