Hit the Trifecta at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

After detecting in a nearby lake all day I arrived home to set down for dinner and got a call from Andy K. saying his wife Jessica lost her 3 rings. One ring was from her grandmother and the other 2 was her engagement and wedding ring. They have been married for one month and are from Cincinnati, Ohio attending a wedding in Saugatuck. They took the trolley from the hotel to the beach and when they got to the beach they put their towels and a handbag in a spot on the beach and Jessica placed her rings in the pocket of the swim suit cover she was wearing and placed the cover in the handbag. When they got ready to leave Jessica pulled the cover out of the handbag forgetting she put the rings in the pocket, they grab the trolley back to the hotel and discovered the rings were missing. They hustled back to the beach and ask the ranger if they knew anyone who could help them find Jessica’s rings. I left my card with the ranger and they have called on me over the years. Andy called me and I told him I could be there in 45 minutes.                                   After showing up at the beach I proceeded to do a grid search of the area they were in earlier. I searched a 20 foot grid North and South finding a penny which I handed my scoop to Jessica and she took the penny, I went another 20 feet the other way and got a quarter and handed my scoop to Jessica and she took out the quarter. After several passes with no success I went up and down the path where they entered the beach with no success. I then took an East and West grid search of the same area and after 4 passes I got a faint signal with my Fisher F75 and scooped up a ring with a blue stone. I again handed the scoop to Jessica and she thought it was another penny, when she looked into the scoop she fell to her knees crying “that’s my grandmothers ring”. I then took another scoop and showed it to her and she continued crying “that’s my engagement ring” and then the next scoop was her wedding ring. Jessica could not control herself thanking me and Andy stood there amazed too. This was the end to a very nice day at the beach and a trip to Pure Michigan.                    BTW Jessica, I never did give my $.26 back that I found. 

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  1. Jessica says:

    Gregg is nothing more than a life saver and a miracle worker! The feeling of heartbreak I experienced upon losing my rings was more than I had ever experienced. Can’t believe he answered our call and made it to the beach so quickly. I had given up hope after the first pass went by with only the penny and quarter found. Gregg had so much patience and truly felt for Andy and myself. Nothing can describe the joy and relief I had when my Grandma’s ring appeared. Then the next two were found and I thought thank you God! Gregg we are forever grateful for your help.

    Funny enough the first thing I said when we parted ways was, “I forgot to give him his $.26 :)”. I hope to run into you one day at the Western Bowl to return it.

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