Heart shaped diamond with prongs goes missing in Hudsonville, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I got a referral from my niece Stephanie, to get a hold of Megan B. about her lost diamond setting off her wedding ring. While Megan was working in her front yard it appeared that her heart shaped diamond with prongs came off her ring while removing her gloves several times. Megan showed me where she was working putting dirt under some garden blocks. There were about three places in the yard where she removed her cloves so I proceeded to search. Prior to arriving at Megan and Jeff’s home I stopped at a friends jewelry store to get a setting to test on my detectors. Fisher F75 DD coil did not detect it, small gold nugget coil did not detect it, Bounty Hunter time Ranger 10 inch coil did not detect it but the Gold nugget coil on the BH did give me a faint signal in the all metal mode. I started a grid search and also used my Orange pin pointer but that would only detect it using the side of the pointer. After scouring the three areas, I asked Jeff for some water and picked his brain as I usually do the detective thing before I start but Megan was gone. I asked him what exactly did Megan do that day the diamond was lost. He said “from the yard she got in the car went to the drive in ice cream stand then home” at that time, Jeff noticed her diamond missing while setting at the kitchen table. I then asked him my list of questions: did you check the gloves? Did you check the car? did you check her clothes, purse etc? I couldn’t grill Megan and didn’t find the diamond after crawling around on my knees for two hours in the front yard in the hot sun so I said goodbye to Jeff and said I will be back Tuesday to continue my search. Woo and behold! I get a call from Megan, “it was in my purse, thank you so much for coming out to help”. Happy days are here again. So it is very important to ask all the detective questions, Who, What, Where and When. I love my job.